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From Up State South Carolina

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Howdy All! thanx Admin for the invite!

Started doing Chickens about 4 years ago. so im still new to this! Mostly Ive raised "reds" "Americanas" and "Cornish white rocks".....some for egg most the rest for meat.

Have tried various means of "housing" my birds. The first year I let them free range,...they ate my garden and the Coyotes ate them. Two Red hens Survived out of 24 birds
Tried a small wooden tool shed with a fence the next year....was only satisfactory...birds need room to stretch-out to thrive, "specially in the heat and humidity of the south..

Last year I Took an area out back that was a old dog lot from eons ago,and fenced it back in . I left the trees that had grown up there and left most all the underbrush growth as well. Built a simple ledge between 2 trees and built sides back and top and covered it with some old roofing tin,, filled it with hay and left open the dividers or anything else..built a simple leaning ladder from a small tree-trunk and slats to form a walkway up to the ledge ..
Ive got around 35 birds this year ...some reds...some blacks....10 cornish-white rock meat birds..and about 10 leghorns in that area..(also have a couple turkeys but are in another area down by the goat lot) birds seem to love this setup better than anything Ive tried yet......they have dirt,.....trees( two of them a Black Cherry )....bushes....bugs....shade....they love to roost up in the trees....and they are protected from predators now. Seems like my tite-wad approach to coops is working great..neighbors said it wouldnt work....its doing fine!! birds are happy and healthy..
I tend to think of it more as an Chicken Aviary than a coop.

Anyways...glad to be here and would love to hear stories and methods from you other good folks
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Hi! We live near Elloree. We normally free range our chickens, with no predator trouble, due to our three Great Pyrenees, our blinking LED lights, and some resident crows who chase the hawks.

Right now we have them penned to keep them from laying and loitering under our house, until we can get the crawl space closed. Our goats kept jumping the fence and smashing the skirting. Naughty girls!
Yeah when I let mine free-range the first year they all tried to roost under the house and porch....what a mess that was..!

Hey,glad to meet-cha!! :)
Yes, they were making quite a mess, plus it is not very healthy for them! We plan to fence off the garden behind the house and the back of the house, fix the siding, and then let them loose again. Now if only the goats would behave.
Hello there in "Up-State" South Carolina !
I have an Aunt (Dad's youngest sister) just a few years older than me...lives in Boiling Springs, S.C. near Spartanburg.
I've visited that General Area SEVERAL times in my life. Beautiful !!!
My Ancestors (Dad's side) are all from Polk County, N.C. --they've been THERE since before the American Revolution.
NICE to meet ya !
-ReTIRED- an Old Man from New Mexico with 10 Grandchildren.( 5 boys 5 girls )
hi, please help. I am a life member of chicken forum but I can't remember my password and can't get in on my droid app. this is from my iPad.

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