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From Holland, Terschelling

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Hi there chicken fans,
I was already long a fan of chickens (in all forms).
But recently me and my wife built this coop in the woods of our Island Terschelling (53.373613,5.219126).
We are growing vegetables there and now marked a piece for fruit trees and a free part for our Marans chickens.
I bought 10 eggs from a Marans owner in the southern parts of Holland. Had the eggs shipped to Terschelling, found two breeding chicks of which only one finished her task. This lead to 3 roosters and one hen. 2 roosters were transformed in a nice "Thick Rooster Soup" and I bought 4 extra hens to complete my flock of 5 now.
But all are moulting now so no eggs (chocolate) as yet.
We are absolute beginners, so any advices are welcomed.
Piet and Hester;)
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Welcome Piet & Hester from Michigan, US. Take a look around the thread "beginners forum". There's a lot of good information on there that may answer many of your questions. We're happy to have you join us. :)
Welcome from NJ Piet! Hope you enjoy your visit to chicken land.
Welcome from Italy! :) Congratulations for your choice of breeding
Hello and Welcome from the UK.
Excellent choice of chicken breed , lovely dark brown eggs and very good table birds . :cool:
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