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We truly appreciate the support everyone has given by taking your time to register, post your coop, share your flocks and knowledge as well as just being a part of this community. I have enjoyed everyone's company and look forward to it's continuation.

We have gotten decals in today so as a thank you, if you would like one, just private message me with your name and address.

To private message me, click on my user name and select "Send a private message to Keith."

This offer is open for everyone, past, present and future members, no strings attached, no milestones to meet.

Since we are so young we appreciate any word of mouth you can give us.

- Like us on Facebook:
- Posting our link on your Blog/Tumblr.
- Sharing coops on Pinterest.



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Doing what we can for you to spread the word.. The Chicken Forum is going to be mentioned in our local paper soon I hope. They were out at our farm doing a story yesterday on The Chicken Fountain. I mentioned to them that we sent you a sample to test and you were going to review it so hopefully they will print it...Good luck...

The Chicken Fountain
awe thats just cuter than a bugs ear!!!!! :)
I love my fresh eggs and meat! A friend was complaining that the eggs she bought (on sale) all floated when she went to boil them. Needless to say, she's buying more chickens. LOL I'd love a sticker! I'm going to tell her about your site, also.
Just a heads up to please private message me direct with your address:
Chicken coop was a mess when I moved in here in Feb 2012. Took some weeks of cutting back blackberry brambles, shoveling out 10 year old chook poo. But I did it and as a result, my Silkies are breeding. Only 2 to start with. But that's a start. eh??
i bought my chicken coop and then was given another one. i originally had 4 chickens one in each colour, then my friend daughter found one in a hedge late one night, and we ended up with her. i kept them in seperate coops of a couple of months, and last week one of my chickens died, so i decided to introduce meg in with the other ones, i first let them in the garden together and as this went quite well, i started leaving the door between the two coops open, and just putting meg in her end at night, after a couple of days i stopped shutting the door at night, so they could choose which coop they slept in, as yet they have not all slept in the same coop, they all keep swopping around, so its a suprise every morning, who i am going to find where. i am hopping they will all sleep together, so i can get some more chickens. I also would love a decal.

I have a buff orpington rooster named Buckles and two buff orpington pullets named Buttercup and Brandy. They are 3 months old. I would love a decal.
Decal, Please!

Hi, Keith.

So glad to find you on Facebook - look forward to your postings every day! I would love to claim and proudly display a Chicken Forum decal....

Best Regards,
Vinobarolo, for your own privacy, I'd think about sending your address in a private message (PM) to Keith. You have your info posted where literally anyone in the world can see it on the main forum board.
Hi, Keith.

So glad to find you on Facebook - look forward to your postings every day! I would love to claim and proudly display a Chicken Forum decal....

Best Regards,
I sent it on to Keith for you ... :)
I laid out for a new juvie coop today. I have it currently laid out at 8 x 60 coop with two 8 x 60 runs ( on the east and west sides for shading or sun which ever they prefer ) I may make it 10 feet shorter ( I'll look at the ropes a week or so before I start construction.) A decal would be nice. but if you want advertising. there is room for a 4'x4' decal/ sign on the road side. where at least 500 people a day would look at it during their lunch and 1000's would drive by it daily.
Anyone get their decal yet? Would love to see pictures of where you put it.
Got my decal today. I really like it. Haven't had time to think about where I am going to put it yet. Oh yeah right under my decal.... like it was ment to be.

I am not sure where mine will go when it get it.
Received my decal yestarday, just not sure where I am putting it yet. I was going to add it to my truck but my husband decided to move his decals from his truck to mine since we are selling his. I'll post a pic when I decide where to put it.
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