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These things are producing faster than we can keep up with them.

I'm afraid to poison the mounds. When the chickens roam they have access to the dead mounds and I don't want them to eat the poison we are using on the ants so I stopped using poison.

Anyone have to deal with this before? I know if it gets to bad the fire ants can kill the chickens.
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See my reply in your "Borax Traps"thread. Hopefully that will help. JA
Gross as it sounds......
Start urinating in the mounds.
Assuming your in an area you can do it outside.
I had a two mounds, no idea where they came from,
I did it everyday for a week or so, just when I needed
and I was outside. The mounds are gone.

Borax should kill them out too, along with Diatomaceous earth.
It is harmless to the chickens.
If you have two mounds, take a shovel of one, put it in the other, visa verse. They will all kill each other.
Hello, I am picking up 2 lavender araucana's in two weeks are they nice chickens to keep?
Sorry please ignore I was on another link but its jumped to this one and replied on here instead!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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