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Fertilised or not?

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Hi guys I got a pekin bantam who has been jumping on pretty all of my hens iv never seen this in any eggs before he came, would you say this was a fertilised egg that could have went on to be a hatchling given the propper care? I’m positive this was from my coral nick hen.
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No, that's not the bullseye they talk about for fertilized eggs. Even when you do have them it's not clear cut that you're seeing it.
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Maybe on the white dot on the lower left. It's not really easy to tell if it is or not and almost impossible over the net.
Wait a minute, back up. Is that the stage in the pic? Are you turning that into a coop for the birds?

Is your wife still talking to you? :p
Well, congratulations Liam to you and your wife. I hope she stops the morning sickness quickly so she can experience all the changes that will be happening.
OK, if you really have to do it. This one probably doesn't have a yolk in it. Unless your coins are monster sized.

Did you show it to your wife? She might not let you do anything to it.
Is that a Cuckoo Silkie? I haven't seen one of those in a long time.

Such a tiny egg. Especially if most of those are bantam eggs.
Do you know about candling? You might want to do that with her eggs in a week or so to see if she's actually on fertile eggs.
Your boys are getting the job done then. That didn't take long at all.

Next I'll be watching for chick pics.
Ha, now you're down to the real chicken raising part. They'll keep you on your toes.
Good practice for when you've got a human peep around and after a while able to get into anything not locked down.
Isn't his due to hatch right about now? Do you know about the whole introduction thing?

How old?
Lovely name. And she's at that age when she's still adorable.

You probably don't have to worry about your Silkie and her peeps. It's the single you'll be getting from your friend that might struggle finding a spot to fit in.
Just know they can throw a bomb at you when you least expect it. It's best not to try figure out some chicken behavior. It might drive you up the wall and over the roof.
And you will continue to learn new things as long as you have them. Not only because of the individual personalities but because we understand more and more of their needs to keep them healthy and long lived.
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OK, that's fun to see. Rarely do you see a full grown hen do something like that. Laps, yes. Shoulder? Very unusual.

She's going to become your favorite for sure now.
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Much has to do with the breed. Some breeds would never be caught doing what she did. Others really like their humans and will spend time with them.

She trusts you. The rest that come to visit are doing it for the treats but even treats wouldn't have them coming to you if they didn't trust you.
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You're having way too much fun with this. I can picture wife standing in the window shaking head watching her grown up husband with his birds. :ROFLMAO:
Oh to be able to talk to your wife. Does she have her phone videoing her husband and his antics with his birds? Talk about a funny Youtube channel.

Marans are quite popular in some spots of the states. Some are very serious breeders of the birds. Of course those birds probably are not getting the same kind of attention as yours are getting.
They're on top of every elevated surface. That's a hoot.

Man there are some really nice birds in those pics. Good type, tight wings. Not easy things to attain. You've gotten hooked up with the right person.
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