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    Mine are still young (2 months), but I'm wondering how much feed do you provide for chickens or laying hens if you have them free ranging, as opposed to only on chicken feed? Is there a percentage or something to figure out? What about kitchen scraps?

    I'm still learning & appreciate all the wisdom & experience I'm finding here! :)
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    I use a hanging feeder, in the morning I add a scoop of feed. When I check for eggs if it is low I add a little more of something. (sunflower seeds, scratch or all grain)

    My girls also get kitchen scraps ... today they will be getting what was left after steaming my juice. (cranberries & grapes) They love it.

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    I keep layer feed available at all times as well as oyster shell, in the morning I turn big hens and my Banty pen loose, keeping my younger pullets in the big coop. (the pullets free range 2-3 days a week) My hens, first they go to water and then to the feeder, then they free range all day and go back to feed and water a couple times a day, I keep an eye on feeder when it gets low I add some, I think you will have to "play it by ear" according to your flock, when they get used to being loose you will know how much to keep out without wasting any (try to keep feed where it stays dry, rain, sprinkler system, etc) if layer feed gets wet I throw it out, it molds really fast. What I'm trying to say is you will figure it out what's best for you and your birds.

    And yes I still throw scraps, and old bread, crackers , cereal, etc..
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