Excessive water drinking?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MisplacedPlant, Aug 14, 2020.

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    My family's had our 5 chickens for about 2 years now, and theyre the first ones weve owned. One of our hens has always been obsessed with water ie whenever we took the lid off to fill it up, she'd run over and start drinking as fast as she could. Recently when i was watching them in the yard, i filled up an extra water container and she stood there drinking nonstop for a while. 3 times she walked away from the water and a huge mouthful of drool spilled out her beak. She's otherwise alert, energetic, clear eyes, and still lays eggs normally. Does anyone know what this means??? Im worried about her.
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    That she as an obsession with water? It's possible since they all have diverse personalities.

    If she is totally normal, eating as she should I would just pay attention to any changes. If she is balancing out an internal problem there probably isn't much you could do about it.

    One thing not to do is give salt of any kind to the birds. What I'm getting at is cooked leftovers that contain salt. Very little salt can be bad for the birds.
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    Robin is exactly right, no salt beyond what comes in their regular feed, don't worry about her unless something changes. She just likes water, it's okay :)
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