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    First egg today and I don’t mind saying it is one beautiful thing. I currently have it on the counter sitting in a bed of rose petals. Today’s event got me thinking about how to handle egg storage. Refrigeration or no refrigeration. Wash no wash. I have read that a non washed egg can sit on the counter for 3 months. Other sources say refrigerate asap.
    Wondering if anyone can clarify things regarding this topic. Thanks
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    If you wash them they have to go in the fridge. Washing removes the protective coating on the egg which can allow bacteria in.

    If a rooster is present I'd refrigerate. I would have concerns about development if the egg is warm enough.

    Rose petals? Really? Although I'll admit I giggled when I pictured it in my head.

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    No, they cannot sit on the counter for 3 months. Leave them unwashed no matter what, you can keep them on the counter (unwashed) for up to 2 weeks then refrigerate. Any egg over 4 weeks old should be checked before eating just in case. I, personally, leave them on the counter for 2 weeks then refrigerate for 2 weeks then into the trash. I will not take the chance. I know they are good for longer than that but why risk it if you have the egg factory in your backyard? you can replace them. If you want, you can check to make sure they are good at 4 weeks and if so, feed them to a dog or cat (raw or cooked, however the dog or cat prefers). My dog is fussy and will only eat the yolks no matter how old the egg is hahahaha (he's so high maintenance)
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