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    SLRW pullet 6 mos has had 3 eggs in the last 2 wks. These are her first. :)The 3rd egg was 1/2 the size of the first two. Is this normal???? :confused: It looked like a bantams egg it was so small. Could something be lacking in her diet? The first two eggs were very orange yolked but this one was pale in color. ...OR... We have a 6 mos cochin who is getting ready to lay.. red wattles and comb..could it be her's?:rolleyes:
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    The smaller egg could have come from either bird. It takes them awhile to work out the kinks at the egg factory. Greens and other foods high in beta carotene will give you those deep, rich orange yolks. Some hens just utilize nutrients better than others; just like some humans do.