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Steaming instead of boiling? Cool - going to try that for sure! We hardboil a couple dozen quail eggs at a time...peeling, less than fun. [email protected]#%

Chicken and quail eggs get eaten here as fresh as can be.
I loved devilled eggs but couldn't eat them for a long time because I would lose a huge amount of white trying to peel. I tried a bunch of different "tricks" that didn't work. I ran across this one, tried it and it worked like a dream. I tested it out first doing eggs for potato salad. LOL. I think out of a dozen or so eggs, a little piece of white stuck in one little place.
I don't know if there is a time difference for quail eggs since they are so tiny but for chicken eggs, I just used a steamer basket that you put in any pot and steamed 20 minutes. They come out "hard boiled" from that time. I don't know what time would make "soft boiled". I have seen other places that said 10 minutes for "hard" so 20 could be overkill, but it was what I was originally told. Also, no green ring around the yolk.
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