Early Warning system!

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    I live in rural Kentucky and as such do battle with nearly every creature in the woods that eats meat, ill save the graphic detail but needless to say its war.

    I have come up with a great trick to give some early warning without costing much at all, I used junk I had laying around (But I got allot of JUNK!).

    I used an outdoor motion sensor light, mounted it high so as to get full coverage around the coop. In one of the light sockets I put a flood light, in the other I put a neat little item that screws in to a light socket but has a female plug inlet. I ran an extension cord from that socket in to the house and plugged in a drop light and a radio with the power switch on and volume up. So now when something is messing around the coop the flood light comes on an illuminates the coop, the drop light in side the house comes on and the radio wakes me up if I'm asleep. I go to the window and dispatch or discourage any critter trying to eat my chickens
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    That is a good idea, should keep your chickens safe, and your neighbors honest.:D

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    great idea.
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    Wow SonofLiberty, what an ingenious idea!! I don't think I would have ever thought of something like that! You're :cool: