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I have a flock of Buckeyes and a flock I developed over the past 10+ years. I call them Spangled Sar
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I visit other sites having to do with homesteading, chicken care, animal care and etc. One lady, who is truly knowledgeable, says 'if you're not willing to drink from a chicken's waterer then they shouldn't drink from it'.
I don't think she means that literally but you get the point. I clean my chickens waterers at least once per week. They do tend to get pretty grungy. I would be more particular but they can be sparkling clean and full of fresh water and as soon as I turn the chickens out they head for the grungiest (Chicken poop, bird poop, soupy mud, etc.) mud puddle they can find and drink.
So my question is how particular are you folks?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts