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Coyote IN my Hen House!!

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well sort of:))

First she tries to gain access
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she then finds a way IN and now finds a way OUT
(I was laughing so hard, the pic is rather fuzzy:, She was trying to get her jolly ball , it's just inside the door I took it away from her because she will NOT quit, and it's really hot here today

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she actually was able to squeeze her 80lb butt thru that door! BTW this is Masi, my german shepherd girl, and chicken babysitter:)
I love it! I have always had Alsatians (GermanShepherds/ DeutschesShaferhunds.) They are so intelligent and handsome...unlike the mutt my daughter brought home. JA
Be careful!!!!
Even the most innocent of family dogs will think they can play with your checks and
will kill them without malice. Just dead.
I lost 14 chicks last night to our basset/dachsund mix last night.
The chicks was about 6 weeks old. :(
Agreed, our Puggle was raised with chicks. He was there when they hatched. They lived in the family room with us, the kids held and played with them all the time. When they went outside and into their fenced in encloser that little bastard killed 12 before I could get my hands on him and throw him over the fence. We lost 1/3 of our flock in under 3 minutes. It was heart breaking and amazing all at the sametime. Dogs gone BTW.
Small fox caught red handed

Get the fly swatter.:D


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