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Congrats to Austin!

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Just to let you all know....Austin is once again a new dad today. All are OK, but mama is sore!
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And Welcome little one! :D
Congrats to you and the wife. Kids are a blessing.
Congrats Austin! Let's see some photos!
Thanks guys!

His name is Ryder. He's in great health and everything is going well.


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Awww, what a precious little angel! Congratulations on your adorable addition!
Thanks everyone!

He's 3 weeks old today. Time is flying by.
Since you are homebound for the next 6 months, can I borrow the company jet?
It's all yours. Don't forget to replace the six pack.
It's all yours. Don't forget to replace the six pack.
I have my own six pack on my chest.....Well, actually, I have a keg there, but that's a lot of six packs, isn't it?
Congrats Austin. Beautiful baby. Take good care of your Mrs. She just gave you a lovely gift. My son is 19 and home with me from college for the Summer. He's my best friend. Hope you're as lucky.
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