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    I have 4 hens and 1 rooster. I was thinking about getting some chicks this spring. My question is where do you house them until they're big enough for the coop and what are some of your integration tips when introducing them to the hens?
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    You will be housing the chicks in a brooder. The brooder can be made many different ways. The brooder requires a heat source. Many like to use a red bulb heat lamp as it allows the chicks to sleep better. In the brooder keep a thermometer to tell the temp. Watch the chicks if they are cold they will huddle around the light if they are hot they will pant and fluff up you can adjust the light accordingly. The fist week it should be around 95 degrees dropping by 5 degrees every week. Use pine shavings for bedding as if you use newspaper it can hurt there legs. You can get chick feeders and waters online cheap. These reduce waste and keeps the chicks from getting too wet or drowning. You might want a wire top over the brooder to protect the chicks. Get creative on what to use. You can use a box. Or a container you get from the hardware store. This is what i use. Just use you're imagination. You can look online for brooder ideas. They will stay inside in the brooder until they feather or weather is better. But usually until they feather. I hope this helps. As for introducing them in your flock I've read doing it at night might help but i really don't know much about that. I'm sure someone can give you some better tips. Hope this information helps you out. Best wishes.