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Hi, Folks;
Bob Bailey here. On June 5 Parvene Farhoody and I begin the first in a series of 8 operant conditioning workshops, which many call "chicken training." We have 129 white Leghorn chickens, and the entire flock has been NPIP approved. We've already given a couple of one day workshops at universities and at a veterinarian working dog meeting in St. Louis. Our custom built trailer houses 72 chickens, all of the equipment, and enough feed for some weeks on the road. By next year we will be adding air conditioning and other amenities for summer travel, especially out west.

We did have a scare when the recent big tornadoes passed close by.

Anyway, I want to thank those of you who provided leads for adult birds over the past several months. It was tough finding enough suitable birds.

Oh, some of you when writing me privately addressed me as "Dr. Bailey," and I informed you that it was just "Mr. Bailey." Well, that recently changed when the Arkansas Governor's office and the University of Central Arkansas Board of Trustees, conferred on me the Doctor of Science Degree. The Sc.D. has the academic rank of Ph.D. I mention this because I corrected people before, and now I need to set the record straight - it is now officially "Dr. Bailey," but I still respond very well to plain "Bob.":)
Thanks again for your help.
Bob Bailey
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