chicken dropping egg from perch and weak shells

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    I bought 2 new chickens this spring. They must have been overstock from a industrial chicken house, and one of them is dropping her daily egg from her perch which theb breaks when it hits the floor, and the other 2 chickens eat the egg. Not good. I have run out at 530 AM twice to see if I could catch her before she dropped and then pick her up and put her in a nest.But she'd already laid. I guess Ill have to run out earlier but any other suggestions ?ALso, her shell is very weak. I put calcium flake in their feed morning and in the evening scratch. So two questions here. Any answers?
  2. robin416

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    I would put the calcium in a separate container for them to free choice eat.

    Do you have any idea what their ages are? Have they just started laying or do you think they're older?

    She shouldn't be laying her egg at the same time everyday. It takes 26 hours to fully form an egg to the point of laying so something else might be going on there.

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    Use oyster shell calcium and like Robin said, in a separate dish so they can eat free choice. They know when they need it and will eat it when they do.

    As far as the egg eating goes, there is little you can do. I had an egg eater and tried everything I could find on the internet to stop it. I even filled an empty shell with mustard and she ate the mustard o_O

    If you really need that egg then you might consider putting a bunch of fluffy bedding under her spot (if she has a specific spot) or just under the entire roost, thick straw, deep pine shavings whatever. Just something to cushion the fall. Don't put anything artificial in there (eg: foam mattress or any type of insulation or even a blanket, they will eat it)
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    That is too funny. We learn something new about chickens everyday.
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