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Why mess with pine shavings in conventional chick drinkers? Our 50oz Vertical Nipple Baby Chick Bottles are for day+ old chicks of any breed. Each bottle comes with an attached heavy wire hanger hook that can be mounted to wood/plastic or hung by a chain. (hardware not included) Mount or hang the QCU Poultry Baby Bottle at a height above the eye level of your babies so they can go under it to access the pins. Water will drip down when the metal pin is moved by the chick. This bottle is soooooo easy for babies to learn how to use. It comes in assorted colors so the color you get will vary. The bottle is 8.75 inches tall not including the hook and nipples.

$6.00 with one nipple
$7.00 with two nipples

  • Promotes health by providing clean water
  • Flat sides prevents spinning like soda bottles when laid against a flat surface

We also sell this bottle with horizontal nipples instead of vertical. The horizontal nipples are great for chicks that are 10 days old or older. All of our own chicks use the horizontal nipples before they go into their big grow-out pens.


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