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Hi everyone! I haven't been around in a long time, maybe a year or so? I'm sorry for that. I just wanted you to know I haven't actually forgotten you. I post on IG and that's it these days. Don't even have FB anymore.
Here's the scoop!
We have 35 birds, with about a dozen breeds. My focus is on my blue splash Ameraucana now, so you'll see the most of them, but a lot of the others too.

My favorite Easter Egger rooster, Captain Greybeard. He's a big loving baby to me.

Cricket is famous, and her photos were used in a well written article about Cinnamon Queens. Go Cricket!

Purps lay her first egg this week! She's my best little hen.

Simpson is our main Ameraucana rooster, and he's a big baby too, but not a super cuddly one. Fine by me!

Chip is still our favorite OEGB rooster and he makes lots of gorgeous little babies.

We call this gal Screamer. She used to scream bloody murder anytime we touched her. Now it just sounds ironic...

Last but not least is our little one, Charlotte. She is such a tough little girl, and one of Chip's babies. I intend to continue with this line and see what we can get! (OEGB x D'Uccle, 1st gen)

Without paying $ I can only upload one at a time right now, so I'm thinking I'll upload more later or tomorrow, if anyone is interested.

Also of note, we added two cats, lost one cat, and added a bunny. That's about it!

Hope you're all doing good, I do miss talking to you- especially you, Robin, PJ, Dan- and others!
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