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I ordered five Ginger Red Old English game Bantam chicks for my daughter who aleady has a small flock of chickens. She has a hen that is broody and I told her that if she placed the new chicks under the broody hen that she may accept them and raise them. This morning the mailman delivered the chicks and her husband placed the chicks under the hen. So far after two hours things appear to be going well.

They were shipped Monday and delivered this morning (Wednesday). The clerk at the small town post office said they arrived last night and he put the box near a heater to keep the chicks warm. Five chicks were ordered and seven chicks were in the box. So far all alive and well. Below is a picture of them in their shipping box. I will update in a week or two.

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Good on being able to pick them up.

If foster Mom has been broody long enough she'll notice the peeps and start caring for them. If not, you might have to show the peeps the way things work. Like how to get food and water. Best way to do that is to stir the food or water to make it move to draw their attention.

That's if you didn't already know all that good stuff. Can't wait to see what they look like all feathered out.

BTW, I'm in AL too.
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