Buff Orpington Love

Discussion in 'Behavior & Flock Management' started by Darkling, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Its never happened to me before but I have a hen that has such a personality that I just can't sell her.
    Her name is Goldie and she is a Buff Orpington. When I first got her she was like the rest, comes for the food but stays away otherwise. Then one day I acquired a lone chicken, long story. I kept the loner (named Lost) isolated but she was miserable. So I went and grabbed Goldie, since she was on the bottom of the pecking order. I left her and Lost penned up in the brooder box (a 4'X4' box) for the remainder of the 30 days.
    Since then she has come to see me and my son as being something nice to be around. It started one day as I was sitting out back, she came walking up and started eye-ing me. Next thing I know she jumps up on the back of my chair and gives me a look over before jumping back down. Now I have to watch my feet because as soon as I walk in the run, she is right there, NO FEAR.
    Even my son has her attention. While playing in the dirt or whatever, she will come up and get right in his face. I've actually watched as he pushed her out of his play area just to have her come right back. She is never aggressive but always right there next to us.
    We can pet her, feed her, pick her up and she loves it all.
    Silly chicken:p
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    She sounds like a doll! 6 of my 7 are pretty friendly. My Australorp and one Barred Rock love to be held and will jump on your lap or back when you least expect it. Just wanna be held and some tlc. :) Aren't chickens just the best! :D