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    :( I have an Orpington with a broken toe. Noticed she didn't get up and run for feed in the evening like usual. When she finally got up she was limping and upon picking her up, closer inspection revealed a toe bent at about a 90 degree angle. She is crated in the house at present, eating and drinking, so she does not seem overly traumatized. Do I just leave it? Use vet wrap to straighten it? The skin is intact and I have no idea how she broke the toe. My birds free range.......any suggestions???


  2. Roslyn

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    Its probably too late to make a splint now. If she is eating I would keep her separate until she gets her bearings, maybe have her in a pen during the day with the others, so they can keep talking/seeing each other and then release her in a week.

    I had a RIR who must have broken her toe when she was a peep. All the toes were fine when I got the peeps, but within a week I noticed one little one had a crooked toe just like you described. Never stopped her from doing anything, she roosted fine and was a happy chicken up until the fox took her. She was a sweetie too.