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I got started by buying 6 pullets, although I couldn’t tell the age, I suspect the store labels all relatively new/ recent-chicks as pullets. They were all labeled as female. In my newbie research I found that, despite retailer claims, there’s a decent chance of ending up with at least one male in a group of let’s say about 4. In my estimation my chickens are now no less than 11 weeks old (I bought them in the first week of Sept.) I can’t “afford” to keep a cockerel because of the noise (not just impacting me but neighbors as well). Houses are close to one another here. I want to get ahead of the game before any suspected cockerels start doing their dawn vocals. I see 2 or 3 looking as if they may be males, but can’t be sure based upon what I’ve read. What alarms me most is the neck feathers and below (sharper points). I want to arrange to give away any makes asap (somehow, locally) before any noise occurs (I prefer to keep things on the lowdown). My goal is eggs of course. I’m going to try attaching one photo I took of the bird that looks “most” like a cockerel, and I’m hoping someone could kindly offer a conclusion based upon more experience in IDing younger chickens. And if this isn’t the place for such a question, please direct me to the proper forum so I might share the other one or two photos of birds of concern that I plan on sharing.
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