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I've always loved reading and I started writing three months ago. I now have three books on Amazon/Kindle eBooks. The latest two are Adam II:Emergence Into a Post Apocalyptic America and Adam II: Traversing a Post Apocalyptic America. These were written under the pen name B. Camp. Check them out!
My next book will be a murder/mystery. I've written five chapters and it should be finished by November.
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I just downloaded the first one. You're getting some good reviews, even from Japan. For some reason it wouldn't come up on Amazon except in Japan. I finally got to the US Amazon through Goodreads.
I'm finishing another one right now. Yours will be next in line.
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I'm starting on your second one now.

You were right. I did some extra page turning at the beginning of the first one.
If you hadn't said something I might not have. I try to give an author the benefit of the doubt until the slow pace is what it is. Slow paced.

Maybe do a rewrite and republish?

:ROFLMAO: Sure, that's so easy to do.
I wasn't really serious. I have no idea what an undertaking like that would be. Would it be like rewriting the whole book over again?

One thing I did notice. You have one heck of an editor. So many in this genre are like two year olds with misspellings and incorrect word usage. So far either I've missed anything or there just are not the mistakes so commonly seen.
I would leave the autobiographical stuff in. Just remove some of what came after. And add in some of the biographical stuff since his kids just sort of went poof in the story line. I noticed they were never brought up again. I'm sure others do.

I don't hate sci-fi. I just don't like most of it. I prefer natural disasters, I'm over CME's now, or virus' that have gotten out of hand. Add violence in the first chapter and I'm done. Too many lean on violence as their book fillers.

I have to look but a sister forum called Homesteading Today might have a book publishing topic.
There is a book review topic at Homesteading Forum If I can find the link to your first book and I can post it there.
LC, not gonna happen. I hate them. But it sounds like Sardonyx's wife wrote one you might like.
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Girl, look on Amazon for the book title he just mentioned. He said his wife's book is a romance/thriller.
@Sardonyx#1, dang we have ourselves an author. That second book was tough to put down.
I really don't know. It might make it too long for some. I don't do series that go on forever. Three is about my limit.

I'm hoping you're not one and done. It take imagination to come up with that story line. Something I lack in a large way. There's another that I read, Jacqueline Druga. Her books are not edited anywhere near yours but her stories are so varied in storyline from each other.
That's not shabby. Ask me how many I've written? :) And if you're not putting out a book a month like so many, I don't think the world will notice. Those monthly authors with never ending series are not everyone's cup of tea. They certainly are not mine.
One of the things to consider is to use us as a sounding post. Write a chapter or two and post them here.

Just be aware, we can be brutal or puff your heads so big they won't fit through the door anymore. 😁
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There is very little room here for meanness.

But, and this is big, sometimes I can play the grumpy old woman and say something the wrong way. 👿 Problem is, I probably didn't come close to meaning it.

So double check me when I do it.
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Using lots of violence as word fillers. If the bad guys show up in the first chapter I quit the book.

I want to read a story. I want to see innovation for survival. I don't want to see long lists of prep supplies. Who cares? I really don't.

I've read Jerry D. Young. Short, simple. Little violence. But his writing was choppy, he leaned heavily on lists and much too descriptive about weapons. I'm rereading one now because I couldn't find anything else. Someone has gone through and really edited it. The characters are not as stilted as they once were.

Romance books are not to my taste.

BTW, how come you can't be followed on Amazon? Is there a setting you need to plug in? Or do they charge you for it?
There is a setting that if you like an author's books you can click follow and be notified when there are new releases.

When you get to the end of Jerry's book and it asks for a rating, look just below that. There's a place you can click to follow the author.

Have you noticed they "sound" different? More professional. I read some time back that he was ill. Makes me wonder if someone isn't writing new books under his name. There was one, don't remember which one it was, that was obviously not his but was under his name. It had so much non Jerry style. Sex, violence. Just not his style. I actually made a comment about the book stating I didn't believe it was him.
Pay particular attention to his characters and their speech patterns. Any speech from his characters was aggravatingly stilted. I'm not seeing that now rereading a couple of his later books.

So, activate it on your account. People will get emails notifying of new releases. Sometimes it takes a month, sometimes they don't send one at all. But it does allow a reader to keep up most of the time. Especially when it involves a series.
When you get Adam II done, post a link so it's easier for me to find. ;)
And, there’s not enough hours in the day…..
And there you have it.

Adding some years and heart issues. Rest periods are ideal for picking up my Kindle or checking in here.
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