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I've always loved reading and I started writing three months ago. I now have three books on Amazon/Kindle eBooks. The latest two are Adam II:Emergence Into a Post Apocalyptic America and Adam II: Traversing a Post Apocalyptic America. These were written under the pen name B. Camp. Check them out!
My next book will be a murder/mystery. I've written five chapters and it should be finished by November.
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I'll have to check them out. Congrats on being published.
Cool what’s it about
The two Adam books are science fiction involving suspended animation, genetic engineering, WWIII and mutants.
Thanks for your comments. I'll admit that the first one starts a little slowly but if you can get past the backstory the action will pick up. I do believe the second one is a little better. I hope you enjoy them.
I just uploaded my fourth book to amazon. It may take a day or two to be available. I wrote this one with my wife. It will be under her pen name which is Maribeth Wagner with me, B. Camp, as co-author. The title is The Red River Gorge Killer. She describes it as a romantic suspense thriller.
I'm starting on your second one now.

You were right. I did some extra page turning at the beginning of the first one.
Thank you for sticking with it. I hope you find the second one a even more enjoyable.
If you hadn't said something I might not have. I try to give an author the benefit of the doubt until the slow pace is what it is. Slow paced.

Maybe do a rewrite and republish?

:ROFLMAO: Sure, that's so easy to do.
Thanks. I've actually considered that and will probably do so after I take a short break and recharge by batteries a bit.
I wasn't really serious. I have no idea what an undertaking like that would be. Would it be like rewriting the whole book over again?

One thing I did notice. You have one heck of an editor. So many in this genre are like two year olds with misspellings and incorrect word usage. So far either I've missed anything or there just are not the mistakes so commonly seen.
It wouldn't be too much trouble. I did four books (admittedly short ones) in three months so a re-write I could probably do in less than a week. The reason I was hesitant is that the beginning of the book is mostly autobiographical and my brothers and sisters requested that.
My wife does the editing even though she hates sci-fy. She was a teacher and understands punctuation. I tend to want commas everywhere. I'll pass your compliments on to her.
Again thanks!
There is a book review topic at Homesteading Forum If I can find the link to your first book and I can post it there.
Thanks for your thoughts and for taking the time to post. I'll check it out.
The new book. "The Red River Gorge Killer" just went live!
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@Sardonyx#1, dang we have ourselves an author. That second book was tough to put down.
Thanks Robin. I was thinking of doing a bit of a re-write on the first one then combining the two into one. What do you think?
I'll check out J. Druga. Yeah, I also hope I'm not one and done. I started writing the last week of July and by the end of October I did 4 (if we count the one I did with my wife). I'm a 2 finger typist so that really slows me down. Fifty thousand words with 2 fingers just takes a while!
I told my wife that you complimented her editing. She said to tell you thanks.
"The Red River Gorge Killer" by Maribeth Wagner is free on Kindle and the amazon site today and tomorrow if anyone is interested.
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My book, Adam II volume 2, is free on Kindle ebooks or the Amazon book store today and tomorrow. Pen name B. Camp
My wife's book. The Red River Gorge Killer. Is free today, Saturday and Sunday. Pen name Maribeth Wagner
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I just posted my fifth book on Kindle/amazon. It's another collaboration with my wife. LOST IN THE RED RIVER GORGE by Maribeth Wagner and B. Camp.
The first of the ADAM II books by B. Camp is now free for four days (starting tomorrow).
Don't forget to check out my very first book.THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO RAISING AND CARING FOR CHICKENS. By D. B. Campton. It's a short book but priced at only $1.00
How does writing on Amazon work? Do they charge fees?
Posting a book can be a little complicated to figure out the first time around. The process is actually not that complicated but the instructions that are provided aren't that clear. Once you decipher the instructions it's pretty simple. There are some rules and regulations that have to be followed but no fees for ebooks, they make their money through a cut of your sales.
I had a creative writing teacher in high school high school who bragged on my writing and that was the sum total of my experience. That was also the last time I wrote. I chose what I thought at the time was a more practical path and took all the math and science classes that were offered in high school and college. My post grad work was in medicine.
My point is that I didn't write anything other than brief medical notes for 35+ years. I got bored after retirement and finally decided to write. I had no experience and no classes on the subject. I just sat down and started typing and I've written five books (none are exceptionally long, 40-50 thousand words each) in five months. The stories just seem to write themselves. I don't do anything special so I don't know that I can really advise anyone on how to do it. I'm sure if you ask a dozen writers how to write you'd probably get a dozen different answers. I'd suggest that either you or your husband just sit down and try it. You, or he, may be better than you think.
I'll put some thought into it and if I find a better answer to your question I'll post it. Now, if your question is more along the line of how to find a ghost writer? I don't know but I'll research it and, again, if I find a good answer I'll let you know.
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We are 70 & 60…. STILL waiting to be bored!!
I just turned 64. I googled ghost writers for hire and found several sites for "free lance ghost writers"
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Thank you!
I write the stories and my wife proof reads so you two may be able to do a tag-team approach like we do. Also there are dictation programs like "dragon dictation"where you can just talk and the program types it all.
Do any of you have any pet peeves concerning books? I like action/adventure, fantasy and science fiction. My biggest pet peeve in those genres is a hopeless, helpless and ineffective protagonist. He or she constantly makes poor decisions and succeeds only through luck.
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