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Barred rock roo or hen?

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Confused over a 3-month old bird... from their behavior they act much more like my leghorn hens but they've taken to "crowing" at various times of the day. It sounds more like a squeaky toy than a roo. We have a black sex link that's definitely a roo but extraordinarily timid and we haven't heard a peep out of him. Apart from some raised hackles nobody fights.

The camera makes them look lighter in color than they are and their feathers are pretty rounded unlike the sex link's. He tends to hold his in a droopy arc whereas the questionable barred rock's are in a higher poof. Is she a masculine girl or a girly roo?

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I was going to say hen until I saw it standing up. Nope, it's a roo. And after watching the video a boy just learning to crow.

Why are they in the house? Curious.
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They might or they might not. Sometimes when they're raised together they can cohab with just a few minor squabbles. Or all hell might break out with the two of them.

Only time will tell you how they'll be together.

I get it. You're giving up a lot to have them in the house full time. Can they go out with supervision?
What you really need is a secure coop and run for them. They are better off outside getting the sun and fresh air that they need. Build or look for something that is at minimum 16 sq ft to give them adequate space.
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