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Barred rock roo or hen?

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Confused over a 3-month old bird... from their behavior they act much more like my leghorn hens but they've taken to "crowing" at various times of the day. It sounds more like a squeaky toy than a roo. We have a black sex link that's definitely a roo but extraordinarily timid and we haven't heard a peep out of him. Apart from some raised hackles nobody fights.

The camera makes them look lighter in color than they are and their feathers are pretty rounded unlike the sex link's. He tends to hold his in a droopy arc whereas the questionable barred rock's are in a higher poof. Is she a masculine girl or a girly roo?

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Bummer! I think I have 2 roos then...will they fight? Mr. NOODLES acts like a roo but we were hoping Bananna was a lady. He flocks with the hens. I have no fencing in my yard and the area has lots of loose dogs. I have a huge dog crate plus we put down old sheets and I can let them out to play. I know it's kinda weird having indoor chickens but I don't want to lose them to stress. We plan to get good coyote fencing but for now they're safer indoors. Thanks! Our neighbors keep losing their chickens.
Thank you! Mr Bananna He honks hello as well!

We're going to look at screen houses so they can get out with supervision. Night time the coyotes are really active so we're going to keep them crated. We have a huge crate and we are going to order a second in case battles break out. We only have 4 birds...2 white leg horns , the black sex link we think is a roo and the barred rock roo. They seem to get along well with each other but I know more space is better. They like getting out to play and they really want my tablet to be a beak active. They are so funny.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts