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Backside, irritation

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I have a chicken that seems to have a lot of irritation in backside.

Does anyone know what this is?
How is it treated ?
It’s been like this for about ten days


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Can you wash the bird's backside to get a better idea of what that is? It might be a small prolapse but it's hard to tell with all the other in the way.

I'm going to holler @dawg53 for his opinion too.
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Use preparation H. It will help reduce the swollen tissues.

Is she laying? If that is a prolapse and she's continuing to lay it will keep happening. The only way to stop her laying is to shorten her days by reducing the light she's getting.
Pretty much. Honey is also used.

If you can put her in the garage with no light on. Her coop with the door shut. Just shorten the hours of daylight she gets to slow her egg production. She doesn't have to be up all day. I'd have to look but the hours need to be something like 8 hours of light to cut production.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts