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Auto Coop Door w Safety Feature.

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Ok so I'm not asking for help, I am asking for opinion. Maybe suggestions and/or requests. Things along the lines of what you would want added. Like photocell operated. However I have a different setup for that so I would have to post a new thread for that one. So besides painting it what do you think?

I have long posted, on forums, of how a safety feature can be added to almost any coop door. Trying to stay away from microcontrollers like arduino and PI. Don't get me wrong I do like that but I know many do not want to have to learn programming. That is why I set out to find the "easiest", parts off-the-self, system to install. So if you can follow a diagram and program your alarm clock you can DIY. I HAD wanted to use sensors like through beams or proximity, and I did accomplish that goal. As seen in this video. Note: It is a bit busy on the board. I was testing the safety feature on several different systems of operating a motorized door. Photocell, 3 ch timer, and manual operation.
Video #1 below.

Next: After seeing a person use a "pressure switch", I changed my mind about using Through beam lasers. Their video gave me the idea to make my own version of a "pressure switch". Again in video #2, the test board is a bit busy. It is a test board so I have many different setups that I test. By all means not a finish product.
Video #2 below.

So now I get down to the video/setup I am soliciting feedback on. Not the absolute finished product but darn near close. Basic building materials that would be on hand if you are building a coop anyway. Well expect for the plexi glass unless you are making nice windows. Normally it wood be covered with plywould. The plexiglass is just for demo.
Video #3 below.

Good or bad. If you hold back, I can never get it better. If it is bad tho, I ask that you make sure to explain with detail. If you say "People aren't capable of doing that." then explain why you think that. What part of it do you think is too hard. Mind you, I do have, easy to follow wiring diagrams for all of my setups.

Thanks in advance.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3
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There is one thing that would like to pay special mention to. the EGG Shape cut out for the door hole.
  1. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also has purpose.
  2. Purpose 2 Would be so the chickens might find it less comfortable, being the sides raise up, and hopefully they do not roost there.
  3. Purpose 3 Is that is there should be a time when something does fall and get in the way, it will hopefully roll to the center. Two reasons you would want that.
    1. a. Whatever it is will have less chance of it being shoved into/between the door and track/frame.
    2. b. Making it roll to the center might help it fall out of the way.
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