Any suggestions for stopping a hen being broody

Discussion in 'Broody Hens & Egg Laying' started by Rachael, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Rachael

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    My hen has been broody for 3 days now... I've tried taking the eggs away andgiving her two cold baths but it doesn't seem to be working... in fact sheseems to be getting more agitated and aggressive. Does anybody have anysuggestions for stopping her broodiness?
  2. Sundancers

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    I have a rabbit style cage for my broody hens. It has a roost but no nesting box (or anything that they could use for a nest) ... Most hens come around after a few days but I have had to put a few back in, to try again.

  3. BuckeyeChickens

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    I agree with Sundancer....move her to another pen or a cage that is a bit uncomfortable....wire floor and exposed to sunlight (don't make it dark) is a good method to "break a broody"!!!
  4. Kozykitten

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    Mine get put in a small house that is really only big enough for one hen (I use it to put young chicks outside most of the time). Normally when you move them away from their nest for a few days they will stop.
  5. vickiw

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    UNLESS! kicked mine off her nest (a lot!), dunked her in cold water, tried the wire cage, off the floor so she cools down and no bedding to make her comfortable thing, TWICE, but now it's been close to 3 weeks and guess what? She is so determined she won't leave the nest unless I drag her out and lock her out of the coop so she'll eat, drink and poop. As soon as I re-open the pop hole "SNAP!" back in like she's connected with a bungy cord! She's just dropped too much weight. Gave up, she wins. Let her have her golf balls for her to cuddle and tomorrow she gets the chicken eggs my friend's crazy duck has been sitting on for the past 2 weeks. Some hens are just so determined that if you don't let them hatch something they will just stay in brood til the molt kicks in. Good luck!