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Discussion in 'Breeds & Genetics' started by tegaily, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. tegaily

    tegaily New Member

    We currently have 6 Bovan Brown Hybrids. We now would like to get a few other breeds.

    We are thinking of Dominique, Jersey Giant and Brahamas.
    Any thoughts on our choices.

    Keep in mind we do have cold winters :eek: and we plan to free range a little. We also want somewhat mild mannered birds and medium to large eggs.

    Lynn & Ralph
  2. Sundancers

    Sundancers New Member

    I'm a fan of the dominique hen, great for eggs or the table.We are down to about 7 hens, so I may need to fix that come spring. I also have 3 dominique roos (free range) that have never gave me a minutes problem.

    IMO ~ The best.;)

  3. WeeLittleChicken

    WeeLittleChicken Active Member

    I have 5 light brahmas and one dark, all hens. They're hilarious. They have this deep goose-like voice and are real sweet and easy to handle. Very curious too. Mine won't be laying until next month but I am hoping for some big brown eggs, even in the harsh winter, as I am told they are pretty good at that.
  4. BuckeyeChickens

    BuckeyeChickens New Member

    Have you considered the Buckeye??? They are the perfect dual purpose large fowl for COLD climates!!! You will love their friendly manner and they are outstanding winter layers, too.