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a question from a beginner.

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why do my chickens wipe their beaks on the floor? the seem to wipe them from side to side?
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anyone? is it normal behaviour ?
They are cleaning the sides of their beaks, it also helps keep the beak in shape. the beak constantly growing so they have to 'sharpen it' to keep it from over growing.
They are just cleaning their beaks. Just like if you got food on your face and wiped it clean.
Yes, it is normal ... :)
Yes, perfectly normal. They do it when they are eating something "squishy" like yogurt or soft strawberries and it sticks to their beaks
Lovely. Thanks. Was wondering if it was normal. So that's put my mind at rest now.
I love it when they do that; I tell people who have never seen it that they are finished eating and wiping their beaks cleans from any food spillage.
was watching them doing it today, its very cute lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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