6 months old and roost/nestbox changes

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    My 6 girls are now around 26 weeks old, we have been collecting a few eggs from them since week 18! we now get 4-5 eggs per day and the occasional 6th too. We also have a recent addition of an 8 month old black Ameraucana rooster.

    I was concerned about them sleeping in their nesting boxes when they had started laying.

    They developed a liking for sleeping on the side edges of the nest boxes at night which then left poop in the actual nest boxes....not much fun collecting poop covered eggs!

    we decided to make some adjustments to the layout of the sleeping and nesting quarters and now we have our girls sleeping all over the coop! The rooster sleeps in the bottom nest box. 3 girls sleep on the ledge under the roost perches, 1 sleeps on the floor of the coop and 2 sleep on the roost perches we provided after modification.

    Now we get our clean eggs from the non-poopy nest boxes!

    Adding some nice hay into the new nest boxes encouraged our girls to lay in there instead of in the old nest box positions.

    hopefully this info will help someone else out there in coop land!
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    Your rooster must be gorgeous! Glad you were able to find some solutions to your dilemmma. Always a work in progress with chickens. Such head-strong little creatures they are. :)

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    There's a good thread about this exact topic. Search and enjoy. And post some pics
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    what did you end up doing ?
    are they all now sleeping up on the roosts like good chickens do?
    if not you can block off the bottom nests so the rooster doesn't sleep in there. how high are your roosts?
    i built a ladder roost out of 2x4's , works great you just have to make sure you leave enough space between roost so the ones on the bottom don't get pooped on while roosting.

    good luck
  5. dragon_lady

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    Hi Guys!
    Yes they are all roosting properly now. Once the weather turned really cold they chose to sleep up on the roosts out of any drafts. I will try and post some pics.