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Discussion in 'Broody Hens & Egg Laying' started by Keith, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Keith

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    I have 5 Rhode Island Red / Buff Orpington's that have not started laying yet and they are 9 months now. The others started laying several months ago. Just need more time to mature or could be indicative of an issue?
  2. Bird_slave

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    Keith, sorry for the late response.

    Have they started laying yet? The buff orp. part may be to blame here. Late maturing breed.

    My latest flock of LF brahmas are now 10 months old. Two, light brahma pullets started laying around 7 months, laid for two months then quit and went into what I call a mini-molt.

    I've had brahmas go as long as 9 months before, but not 10. I was beginning to think they were duds. :D Then finally! yesterday I started getting eggs. Of course, with my usual luck, yesterday also happens to be when I wormed them; so now even though I am getting eggs I can't use them.

    So my guess would be either your girls are hiding eggs on you or they've gotten a bit of the late maturing gene from the buff orp. side of their family. If it's any consolation, the LF like the brahmas and the buff orps. continue to lay well into their senior years.

  3. eqstrnathlete

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    Make sure they are getting at least 15 hrs of light a day. Add a light on a timer. Plus if you are thinking they are laying while free ranging, keep them up for a few days and you will be able to tell. My girls do that every so often. I just leave them up a few days and they re train themselves.