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In the next couple days i will be adopting 19 chickens (all hens including easter and olive eggers, a silkie, and a few other breeds i dont know) and a tom turkey. The turkey is not very happy currently and doesnt like people. I think he needs some turkey hens in order to be happy. He is larger than any bird i've ever handled and gets a bit aggressive when i come near. He will eventually go back to his current owner sometime in the spring.

Will the tom be able to eat regular 20% chicken feed? From what i understand he needs 21% protein and 3% fat. I have lots of grubs i can feed him as supplement with the chicken feed.

What do I do if he gets aggressive with me?

How many turkey hens should he have in order to be happier?

Can he be around roosters?

Thank you in advance

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This is where we need @Poultry Judge since he raises Eastern Wild Turkeys. He know quite a bit about them. Hopefully, he'll see someone needs him sooner rather than later.
The tom would benefit from a hen or two. Often, they are very friendly and a bit shy. During breeding season, they can become somewhat aggressive if they are in close proximity to people. The problem at the sanctuary is the wild birds become overly tame. I have noticed this Spring that the mature EWTs that eat here are significantly heavier than their fully wild counterparts.
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