Quail 110 degree incubator

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    So i had some 2 set of button quail, one was a week into incubation and one a day or too. the incubator temp malfunctioned(or me) and the eggs got to 110 degrees for over 6 hours. i thought they where gone but in the last few days i got 19 healthy chicks out of out about 45. Now i have another problem. i had 24 button eggs delivered even though the post office was supposed to hold them for pick up. i didn't find the eggs till the next morning. the average temp for the day was 50, night 40, but when i got to them the temp was 22 degrees. i let them sit and rotated for a day. one of the eggs was broken when i found them and where very cold (22 degrees) but the yolk in the broken egg wasn't frozen . Do u think my eggs have a chance?
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    Only one way to find out. Try it. You will know in a few days.