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  1. Breeds & Genetics
    I am looking to start a new breeding program to produce BLRW chicks. What are the preferred breeding combinations to get the best results? I currently have 1 BLRW hen and 4 GLW hens. What color cockeral should I use? Also if I bred GLW hen and SLW cockeral, what would be the results?
  2. Chickens
    For Sale: Bantam Wyandotte in Black and Blue. I have pairs 3.5+ months to about 1 year available with prices starting at just $15 per pair. I also have strait run chicks available at just $4 each. Chicks are currently 2 weeks old. All of these wyandottes are from my own show flock. I have...
  3. Breeds & Genetics
    I've just gotten into breeding Silver Lace Wyandottes and I am trying hard to understand all the points. Right now, all I have are some SLW from Foley's in Kentucky and I am looking for some other quality breeders to get some birds from so I don't have such a narrow gene pool to start with...
1-3 of 3 Results