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  1. Feeding & Watering
    Hi all! We have 18 chickens, most of them are Australorps with a half dozen Golden Comets. So far we have fed them ad lib- constant access to layer feed and cracked corn. They have access to a run most days, if it’s not too cold here in northern North Dakota. Otherwise we keep them inside in an...
  2. Feeding & Watering
    Hi all. This is my first year raising chooks. I have 7 hens and one roo. As of yesterday, all 7 ladies are laying. Yayyyy!!! I was really mindful in selecting crumble for them - paying attention to quality and ingredients. However, I didn’t even think that my roo couldn’t eat what his ladies...
  3. Feeding & Watering
    Is it a good idea to feed alfalfa hay during the cold winter months in Minnesota. Or will that discourage them from eating there chicken feed. I am just thinking it would sure entertain them - scratching and all. Extra protein. Hope for some suggestions. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results