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  1. Emergencies, Illness, Meds & Cures
    I bought three adult ex-show Silkies earlier this year. The lady I bought them from said she treated them twice a year to prevent mites. She used PetArmor flea and tick treatment for small dogs. Would that ever work on a chicken? For mites? There's no indication that they have mites. Thanks in...
  2. Beginners Forum
    I got three Silkie chickens Wednesday. Two hens and a rooster. When should I let them out? Do I need to pick them up and put them back in their pen before they learn to go in themselves? Will they ever learn? Our layers will go into the woods and look for bugs after they've gotten bored of the...
  3. Article Forum
    While most often thought of as barnyard birds, chickens are found in urban, suburban, and rural environments across the country - and for good reasons! Chickens produce fresh eggs for their owners to enjoy themselves or sell, provide a natural form of pest control, and make fun, inexpensive, and...
  4. What Breed/Gender is This?
    Hi everyone, one for the silkie experts. I have 6 blue silkies 24 weeks old and I'm still unsure or the genders. None are crowing and 1 is laying. Please could somebody help? Thankyou :) (The single pictures are when they were 21 weeks old)
  5. Chickens
    I am in Seattle city limits and can't have roosters. Two of my four month old white silkies from the straight run I got them from are crowing and have to go soon! I would love to trade them for hens but mostly just need them out!
  6. Emergencies, Illness, Meds & Cures
    Hey all, We have 2 Polish chicks(5wks) in with 6 Silkies of the same age. Today, one of the Polish chicks started cocking it’s head to the side. Not too bad, but enough where my wife noticed and it’s making her nervous. I looked online and the only thing I could find was Wry Neck. It doesn’t...
  7. General Chicken Discussion
    Hi folks, Does anyone more familiar with silkies and their colour varieties know which colour these 5 week old chicks are likely to be as adults? Thanks in advance!
  8. General Chicken Discussion
    Hello! A couple of weeks ago I bought four beautiful Silkie pullets. We had the first egg on Sunday, then another one at around the same time the next day then nothing today. I have a few queries: As the two eggs were about 24 hours apart, do we think it might be the same bird laying or two...
  9. Chick Raising Forum
    I have four 10wk old silkies. They have been outside for allí over a month now. But the next few days temps are expected to reach 109 F. Today was105. Two of them started panting pretty bad. They were under shade with a mister going but nothing helped. They were suffering So I brought them...
  10. General Chicken Discussion
    Probably not, but they're such beautiful birds I'd love to show them off! :) The white (I think) cockerel is Sugar and the buff (I think) pullet is Spice. They are just 3 months old. Both have 5 toes on each foot, all fluffy feathers except some ragged ones on the wings and a few in the tails...
  11. Chickens
    I have two black Silkie Chicks for sale (more hatching in the next two weeks)
1-11 of 11 Results