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  1. What Breed/Gender is This?
    What would you say about the gender? Which one is likely to be a female? Is one of them probably a male? Tell me about your thoughts!
  2. What Breed/Gender is This?
    I bought 2(actually 4, but 2 of them are for sure silkies) chickens yesterday. They both having the same father which is a Australorp. See the two pictures that say “DAD”. Could anyone give me some information - how to tell whether the two chickens are male or female? Also would love your...
  3. Breeds & Genetics
    What color is this rooster? Or is it just a mix of colors?
  4. Article Forum
    Silkie Chickens are an all-time favorite of backyard chicken keepers. They’re friendly, fairly docile and make for excellent mothers. All these traits and more make them the perfect pet for beginner chicken keepers and experts alike. Quick Chick(en) Facts Origin: China, and onto Europe &...
  5. Emergencies, Illness, Meds & Cures
    I saw worms in my Silkies' droppings. I don't know what kind they are. They are small. They look translucent. Light pink in color. Should I buy Poultry dewormers? If so, what brand would y'all recommend? Or go the natural route? Thanks in advance!
  6. Article Forum
    While most often thought of as barnyard birds, chickens are found in urban, suburban, and rural environments across the country - and for good reasons! Chickens produce fresh eggs for their owners to enjoy themselves or sell, provide a natural form of pest control, and make fun, inexpensive, and...
  7. Incubation & Hatching
    Hi all, I have a broody Silkie who has been sitting on some fertilised Silkie eggs I bought, and day 21 is coming up this weekend. She is now in her own section of the coop with her own food and water. My question is, I've heard that sometimes Silkie chicks can get tangled in their Mother's...
  8. Breeds & Genetics
    Hi All, I am new to Silkie breeding but have established a B/B/S breeding pen as well as a White breeding pen. I have a Red Pyle hen and am not sure what I can do with her for breeding. I know she can't be in either of the pens I already have. I'm not familiar with "specialty colors" which I...
  9. Breeds & Genetics
    I am just starting out hatching my own silkies, so far I'm just doing b/b/s and have them in a separate pen which is going well. I have a couple questions. One I think I already know the answer to, (yes?), which is: Can I put my "lavender" silkie hen in the B/B/S group? I was told lavender...
  10. Chickens
    Free to good home - 1 Brahma Hen and 1 Slikie / Red Star mix Hen. See picks. Pick-up only - Fredericksburg VA. The Brahma is 19 months old and the Silkie mix is 5 months old. Please send email to: [email protected]
  11. Chickens
    I have two black Silkie Chicks for sale (more hatching in the next two weeks)
  12. General Chicken Discussion
    Where do you get a silkie? I want one but don't know where to get one.
  13. Broody Hens & Egg Laying
    Does anyone know about the age for silkies to go broody and laying???? From what I have read, they could start as young as 5 months. I got mine when they were around 5-6 weeks old (around easter). Also, does anyone know how to sex them??? I have one white with the rooster type crest on it's...
1-14 of 14 Results