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  1. What Breed/Gender is This?
    We are new to chicks and was wondering if we could have a barnevelder rooster. Age is 4 weeks. It’s the only barnevelder we own, others are different varieties.
  2. Beginners Forum
    My daughter has been wanting chickens for a while and we finally are in a place where we can have them. These guys/girls are about 3 months old. All of them were supposed to be pullets, but I have my doubts. How many roosters in the bunch do you see? There are three others not pictured that I am...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Calling all chicks aficionados! We are first time chicks owners, we ordered 6 egg layers and were gifted an additional one, we don’t know if this beauty is a pullet or a roo, can someone please help us? Thank you!
  4. What Breed/Gender is This?
    I’m having trouble sexing some of the Cream Legbars I’ve hatched yesterday…. Not sure if they’ll change more in the next 12hrs? They hatched between 6pm last night and 4am this morning! Looking at wing feathers, two out of three of the really light ones have alternating short and long wing...
  5. Beginners Forum
    Hey all, We got our first chickens in June. Two Vorewerk's, a Rhode Island Red and a Copper Black. The Rhode Island turned out to be a boy, I'm hoping Penny, our Copper Black is a girl. what do you think?
  6. General Chicken Discussion
    My silkie is now about 5 months old. How can i tell if it is a he or she? Thanks
  7. Beginners Forum
    I am new to raising Silkie Chicken and excited! I bought 8 chicks and cannot keep extra roosters. Do you think it s a lovely rooster? He is 11 weeks, stand tall and the red on his nose came out suddenly in the last 2 weeks.
  8. What Breed/Gender is This?
    I have six bantam polish chicks and am wondering if I can guess the sex based on the top hat development. They are about three weeks old and three of them already have pretty big crazy hats ( I dont know the technical chicken term) and the other three just have little ones. I dont remember how...
  9. What Breed/Gender is This?
    Hi I was wondering whether anyone can help me sex these 2. They're both 12 weeks old. Neither of them are displaying any characteristics as such. I hope I've got pics of the right areas if its easier to see from somewhere else let me know.
  10. What Breed/Gender is This?
    Hi, Can anyone help sexing my 7-8 week old Ameraucana? Tnx! Richard
  11. What Breed/Gender is This?
    Hi, Can anyone help sexing my 11 week old Plymouth Rock? Thx! Richard
1-11 of 11 Results