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  1. Breeds & Genetics
    Hello, I live in Sutton, Surrey and was just wondering, what breed would be best to sell to others. What breed would people in area be most likely to buy/be most interested in. Thanks!
  2. General Chicken Discussion
    I love to incubate, I would run them all year if I could get rid of the birds I hatch. I live in Idaho and notice that to move any birds I have to either trade them or give them away. Even then it's hard to get takers. :confused: Where are you from and how is the bird market in your area?
  3. Chickens
    I specialize in two breeds right now. Show Sumatra Bantams and show Barred Rock Bantams. The Sumatras are from the Akers line and have superb form. The Rocks are from the LaChance line, which is my last name. I've bred up from hatchery stock 30 generations back, and they have fine...
1-3 of 3 Results