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  1. Behavior & Flock Management
    I let my new 9 month old silkie "rooster" out today for the first time. He got close to my other silkie's pen, and my other rooster started doing his little mating dance through the wire that I've seen him do when my dad's layers are out. He/she hasn't started laying or crowing. Is it a hen?
  2. Beginners Forum
    Are there any avian veterinarians in Texas or surrounding states that perform rooster decrowing surgery (not canonization)? I live in in southeast Texas at the moment. I have two wrongly sexed silkie and satin roos and live in southeast Texas within city limits where roosters aren’t allowed ...
  3. Behavior & Flock Management
    My little Silkie roo has recently started doing something weird. He stands sideways towards me, drops the wing closest to me, and circles me. Sometimes he also brushes against me with his dropped wing. It feels like he's trying to get me to go away, since he usually gets in between me and his...
1-3 of 3 Results