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  1. What Breed/Gender is This?
    So a few weeks ago I bought chicks from Tractor Suply. I was told that they might be Red Rangers. However the girl helping us was young and didn't seem to know too much about chickens. Now that they are getting older they are starting to look more like RI Reds since they are very dark in color...
  2. General Chicken Discussion
    Hi! Strange question I know, but does any one some 6 month old Rhode Island Red chickens they could measure? I really need to know the distance between their knee and the back of their neck... Thanks!
  3. General Chicken Discussion
    I have a hen that has been sneezing, and looks terrible. I thought at first she was molting, but now not so much. I noticed her "sneezing" the other day, but she is still running around eating and drinking and has just started to lay really soft shell eggs. Is there something I can give her to...
  4. Egg Quality & Storage
    We are new to the whole business (personal business, not selling or anything!) of chickens...and we have three girls and three boys. Two of our girls are that I think is a Rhode Island Red (we purchased the six as "rainbow layers", so it's a guess!). Her first few eggs were decent...
1-4 of 4 Results