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  1. Beginners Forum
    Hi! We just purchased 1 Rhode Island Red, 7 Easter Eggers and one Frizzle. I was told they are 5 weeks. They are in a 42" octogonal pen that is a foot high. I noticed several are missing back feathers two days after getting them. Is the pen too small to keep them in until the weather warms? I...
  2. Beginners Forum
    Hi there! We have a Mille-Fleur Leghorn, an Araucana and we had a Faverolle, and we're trying to figure out who's laying which egg. We got two identical eggs the first day and another different one, and we read that Leghorns sometimes lay two eggs when they're young, but today I looked where the...
  3. Chickens
    Hello, I can't find another cockerel who looks the same as this. I am in a real rush to know, as he is being taken to a festival/show tomorrow. I am no chicken expert, so it may be a really easy one. Please somebody help!
1-3 of 3 Results