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  1. Chick Raising Forum
    Hi, My mother hen has now accidentally stood on and broken the leg of another chick. I had one die last week after she did the same thing. I built them a big enclosure on the lawn from a puppy play pen so they had a lot more room & to stop it happening again but she is big and heavy and...
  2. Chick Raising Forum
    Last week I went out to feed and water chicks one last time before bed and some of there toes were starting to curl. This seemed like classic calcium deficiency so I quickly baked some egg shells and gave that to them. This seemed to help, but over the next several days quite a few of them...
  3. Emergencies, Illness, Meds & Cures
    Hi I am a new chicken owner, I have a 10 month old Siapan hen. a couple weeks ago she developed a limp, which turned into complete lack of use in her legs. She can move them, and put weight on them, but if you let her go, she cannot hold herself up. she wobbles and just falls which ever...
1-3 of 3 Results