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  1. General Chicken Discussion
    Greetings, I am new to chickens and would greatly appreciate advice about adding to my lovely new flock.... In April I bought 9 day old chicks, so they are almost 11 weeks old now. They were supposed to all be pullets, but predictably enough one ended up showing signs of being a cockerel quite...
  2. Behavior & Flock Management
    I'm concerned about a hen that's engaged in feather-pecking in the past. We have a 'chicken-jail' but I have other concerns about isolating a hen in a small space when it gets so cold at night. PP's were recommended but when I read up on them, the first thing I noticed was that you have to...
  3. Behavior & Flock Management
    I want to rescue a dominate hen from animal rescues, and introduce her to my small flock. What can I do to give my girls the upper hand as we integrate her?
1-3 of 3 Results