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  1. Incubation & Hatching
    Hello everyone, i started to get fertile eggs and for temporary id like to see if i can make a incubator without burning my house down and to have chicks by day 22
  2. Incubation & Hatching
    I've read humidity during first 18 days should be 45-55%, then 60% during lockdown to hatching. my chinese automated incubator has humidity monitoring and an adjustable low humidity alarm. water is added via a hole, no idea how the water to vapour/humidity is regulated. (I'm planning to...
  3. Incubation & Hatching
    Will they still hatch? Shall I put them back into the original position? Two of them already hatched. He got inpatient/interested in it. For whatever reason. he turn them. some of them have the cracks facing down so he cannot see from the observation window.
  4. Incubation & Hatching
    Aloha! I set my incubator some days ago and it seems to be working really good. In the area where I live it rains some days a week so humidity is always over 60%, sometimes over 70%. I have had a hard time trying to keep the internal humidity in the incubator in between 50-60. Sometimes it goes...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, names Patrick and I work in customer service/tech support for an online incubator retailer. You will see my lurking around here on that account sometimes as well. :) I could have sworn I had a personal account here year back but was not able to recover it so I made a fresh one...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Good morning!!! We bought a Brinsea Maxi II Fully Digital 14 Egg Incubator awhile back. We have approximately 50 chickens, but have never tried to hatch via an incubator. Upon opening the package, we were a little overwhelmed but figured we would give it a shot. I never thought with just adding...
  7. Incubation & Hatching
    Hello friends, I translated my french version about my hatching guide... See ---> Hatching Eggs in automatic incubator Thank you for your energy!
  8. Incubation & Hatching
    Hello friends, I got some pictures about my first incubating experiement. In french... but pictures say all. Pictures ----> My Incubators
  9. Incubation & Hatching
    Afternoon all, I have 3 incubators....a Brinsea Mini Advance, Brinsea Octogon 20 Pro, and a Farm Innovators Still Air Incubator that I bought a fan and egg turner for. The 2 Brinsea I have are wonderful, the Octogon 20 has the humidity module and even though it was more $'s, is the way to...
1-9 of 9 Results