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  1. General Chicken Discussion
    I have a chicken tractor (just uploaded pics) currently housed inside a 50'x100' fenced run. We leave the tractor door open so the birds can hunt for bugs in the run and eat the grass. Problem is the hawks which like to help themselves to some of the tasty, uncooked Kentucky Colonel's...
  2. Chick Raising Forum
    I was sitting on my patio and just witnessed a chicken hawk attempt to snatch one of my girls!!! Any suggestions on keeping these predators away? #scary #poorgirls
  3. Parasites, Pests, & Predators
    Watched a hawk almost get my Roo today. Scared the life outta me my Roo was bigger than the bird trying to catch him. Is that normal? What can I do?
1-3 of 3 Results