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  1. Incubation & Hatching
    Looking for multipurpose birds; meat and eggs. Prefer: Easter or olive egger, copper. I also prefer someone in Arkansas, so I can pick up instead of having them shipped. However, if you're not in Arkansas, we can still make it happen!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Are other members interested in having broody hens who will do all of the incubating and brooding for you?
  3. Hatching Eggs
    Call Duck and Porcelain/Golden neck d'Uccle hatching eggs. NO LONGER LOOKING-FOUND WHAT I NEEDED!
  4. Incubation & Hatching
    Aloha! I set my incubator some days ago and it seems to be working really good. In the area where I live it rains some days a week so humidity is always over 60%, sometimes over 70%. I have had a hard time trying to keep the internal humidity in the incubator in between 50-60. Sometimes it goes...
  5. Hatching Eggs
    15+ button quail eggs for sale. Your chicks will hatch out to be tuxedo pied, a beautiful and extremely rare color. I have had excellent hatches with my breeding flock, usually around 95% hatch rate. My breeding flock consists of cinnamon pied, silver pied, and black pied. I will send a couple...
  6. Beginners Forum
    Hi I had just found this forum and would appreciate any advice I can get. I have some eggs in my incubator that are Delaware eggs. It is now day 23 and still no hatch. Wondering if anyone has experience with this bread and could tell me what to expect. At what point do I give up and try...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi. My name is Tracy and I have only had chickens for a few years. It really started out as a 4H project that my daughter had, but she has since moved on. So, now I have started to exhibit the birds. I am really pleased with the start of this year's show season with my standard NH. My dad...
1-7 of 7 Results